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The Springs Event Venue in Denton Wedding with The Slaters

From our first initial meet up at Starbucks I knew I was going to love working with Caitlin and Chris. We experienced multiple obstacles throughout their wedding process but it was nothing the three of us could not handle. Our first obstacle we hurdled through was their day for engagements. Texas weather likes to be unpredicable and decided to rain but we added some cute umbrellas and made it work!

Their wedding day came and everything was beyond beautiful. From Caitlin and her wedding dress, hamu, decor, weather, and the happiness shown all over Chris’s face. Our minor hiccup this day was a power outage that caused the entire venue to lose power for a short period of time. Again, nothing we could not handle! Although the morning of their wedding - losing power was not ideal, getting to witness Caitlin and Chris see each other for the first time during the ceremony made every bump totally worth it. I don’t know if there was a dry eye in the house after witnessing their love for one another and their exchanging of vows.

After taking family photos and beautiful bride and groom portraits - the party began! Gotta love when wedding guests take full advantage of the dance floor and DJ Connection played bangers all evening long that the guests loved. It was then time for send off and we all got to watch these two venture off and officially begin their lives together. It was such an amazing day getting to celebrate Caitlin and Chris and even more amazing getting to see that when life throws hurdles, there isn’t anything these two can’t concurrent. Especially together.


Coordination: Lovebird Lane Events

Makeup: Blend by Tess

Entertainment: Pro Event Staffing

Wedding Dress: By Lillian West



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