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I can't wait to get to know YOU -


but you are so stinking awesome to want to hear a little more about me!

As you already know, I'm Melissa. Also known as your biggest hype fan, best dress fluffer, posing guru, professional third wheel, and bff.

I started my photography journey about 8 years ago - but honestly even long before that! I was always the weird kid in school who always had the disposable cameras. Every field trip, every camp retreat, every event day... always. Until the little point and shoot cameras were in - that's when I upgraded (and later on to my first DSLR camera) So you could say it's always been a passion of mine!

But I decided to turn it into a full time business in 2018 and have never looked back!

Capturing special moments for others will forever be what fills my heart and brings me joy. I truly believe we are all here for a reason - and I without a doubt know that this is mine.

Want to meet my biggest support team?! Keep scrolling to meet my dogs Link and Tetra + husband Broday! 

My whole world


Some fun facts about me: 

  • I was born and raised in Iowa and it shows, but I have been an honorary Texan almost 15 years.

  • My dogs are my babies! When I'm not taking pictures or editing, you can find me on the couch snuggled with my Aussies (or out for a walk or playing because let's be real - they have so much energy!)

  • I tried being a plant mom, but I have killed more plants than I can count...

  • If hangouts involve coffee or peach green tea lemonade I'M THERE

  • Spooky season is my favorite season... give me all the scary movies and pumpkins!

Most incredibly thankful for those who I'm so lucky to get to know and serve!

ready to join in on the Melissa sandwich?!

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