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The Perfect Match: Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer for your Special Day

Your wedding day is full of precious moments with the most important people in your lives. Choosing the right wedding photographer for your special day is so essential. With so many talented professionals out there, it can feel overwhelming knowing whether or not you are choosing the perfect match for you. In this blog post I will help you see the green flags to look for when finding an ideal photographer who will beautifully document all those special moments.

dallas fort worth wedding photographer helping the bride with her hair for portraits

How to know if a photographer is right for you:

  1. you love all the work they produce! You looked at their social media and their website and you are ready to be the next face on their platforms!

  2. piggy back from no.1, don’t be shy to ask photographers for FULL GALLERIES! If they’re willing to show full galleries that’s a good sign their work is theirs. (And not stolen, yikes!)

  3. they’re within your budget! set a budget prior to booking your vendors

  4. they’re willing to hop on a call! how people email vs talk in real life are sometimes totally different!

  5. you like the photographers vibe! You’re inviting (most likely) a stranger to be a part of the BEST DAY of your life!! Make sure they will be a good addition to the day!

  6. they have clear communication and you trust them!

  7. they have glowing past reviews.

All in all, trust your instinct! Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors questions and be willing to hop on a call or zoom to meet them virtually.

photography desk and set up where I get work done



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