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15 Wedding Exit Ideas

What better way to end your wedding day than with a bang! In this blog post I have come up with 15 wedding exit ideas for you to consider! Double check with your wedding venue the rules and regulations for grand exit ideas beforehand.

bride and groom walking out for their grand exit under sparklers

  • Are sparklers still in? Yes! But it is 2023 and people are looking for other alternatives. Sparklers may not always be accepted by your venue, or may not just be the safest option after a fun night celebrating with an open bar. BUT sparklers are still a hit, and I highly recommend getting the 36in long sparklers to insure enough time for the sparklers to be lit and you to make your way through them!

  • A personal favorite. Bubbles! Bubbles in my opinion for your wedding exit photograph so well during the day and at night if your photographer is using a flash. I highly recommend having a few bubble guns along with small bubble wands for your guests for the most bubbles possible.

  • Rose petals - these could be purchased in bulk or leftovers from your floral order!

  • My past clients created a banner to walk out under for their grand exit and it is just too cute not to share! This is also a great DIY project for a more budget friendly wedding!

bride and groom kissing under a viva los novios banner surrounded by loved ones

  • Have your guests wave around ribbon wands! There are so many options for ribbon wands from super colorful to wedding white. There are so many ways to make this option unique to you!

bride and groom during their grand exit with confetti poppers

  • For a summer / beach wedding - beach balls! Have your guest toss around beach balls as your make your grand exit!

bride and groom surrounded by their wedding guests waving around glow sticks

  • another DIY grand exit idea - paper airplanes! OR! save yourself the hassle and get customizable options here

  • this one will greatly be up to your venue but consider exiting to a firework show - greatly plan out where the fireworks will be planned out in the sky and where your exit will take place

  • If you already plan on having a band/mariachi play at your wedding, consider having some of the musicians follow you out playing music and dance your way out!

Hope this blog post gave you an idea for your grand exit! Don’t forget to game plan with your photographers (and photographers, game plan with your clients!) will you walk, run, dip kiss, dance, etc? These are also things to consider!



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