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A Romantic Engagement Session in Mesa, Arizona with Jaley & Grant

I recently had the privilege of capturing Jaley and Grant's engagement session in Mesa, Arizona. My Texas heart was so happy getting to photograph a couple in a new area with cacti and mountains. Our original plans of having their session taking place in the DFW area had changed since Grant travels for work. Which ended up working out highly in our favor. (Thanks Grant!!) I was ready to hop on the plane the moment Jaley asked if we could do their session in Arizona.

Getting to explore the Mesa area with these two was so amazing, and a trip I'll always cherish getting to take. Their session was the perfect mix of romantic and western chic. The outfits they chose to wear were perfect for the locations we chose. If you are looking for a romantic desert engagement session and aren't sure what to wear, these two are perfect examples for inspiration!

Getting to take a mini trip just for these two was great, but getting to know them and document their love was even greater. Knowing they are temporarily long distance, while planning a wedding, just goes to show that it's a true testament that love knows no boundaries. This is only the beginning of their journey and I can not wait to capture their wedding day.

Running and laughing in the mountains

Couple holding hands

Couple holding hands in the desert

Plant in mesa arizona



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