Melissa Koss Photography's Wedding Planning Guide:
Engagement Session

Step 1 : Choosing a date!


If your wedding is far out enough, I highly recommend choosing a date 8 to 9 months out from your wedding date. If you are choosing to send out Save the Dates with your engagement photos on them (this is of course optional!) this ensures enough time for me to edit and send your images back to you! While also giving you time to order, receive, and send out your Save the Dates to your guests! If your wedding happens to be less than 8-9 months away, then let's book you in ASAP for engagements.

Since the majority of my weddings are scheduled on the weekend, please check your availability for a weekday first if possible! If you are only available weekends please know I may not be able to get you in as quickly on my calendar but I will triple check availability on my end and see what we can make work!


Step 2 : Choosing a location + Time!


The goal is to choose a location that fits the two of you BEST! Try to figure out if you are more nature, city, country, indoors, water, etc. type of people and we can go from there! If you are located in the Fort Worth area, here are some of my absolute favorite places to shoot:

Eagle Mountain Park
Tandy Hills

Airfield Falls

Oakmont Park

The Kimbell Museum

Various Locations Downtown

Please keep in mind some locations DO require a photography permit or entry fees, and these fees are not covered in my overall pricing.

I will of course work with your schedule and what time of day works best for you! BUT my advice is for best photo and image quality, shooting towards evening and sunset will be the best time of day! During the Fall/Winter in DFW that is roughly around 4:30 and in the summer it is roughly around 6/7pm. (Times may also vary depending on weather/cloud coverage)

*Important* I will finalize everything with you one more time 2 days before your shoot.


Step 3 : Choosing Outfits!

Choosing the right outfits will honestly make or break your overall quality of your images. I KNOW, it sounds dramatic but if you are wearing something that does not go with my editing style, a funky pattern that looks odd on camera, OR something that simply just doesn't fit correctly - you will not love the overall finished product. But that is why I am here! To help guide you through on how to shop or scroll through your closet to find the best pieces! When pairing outfits for the two of you, my biggest piece of advice is:

Don't match - Coordinate!

Color - Highly Recommended

There are so many colors that photograph well - here is a basic color palette below for some ideas!

Colors that are always a YES!

- neutrals such as white, cream/ivory, tan, sand, taupe, beige, brown, and black

- fun colors within the family of reds, greens, yellows, and oranges


My editing style has warm tones so sticking to warmer colors is always guaranteed for flawless images!

yes colors.jpf
YES colors

Color - Not Recommended

Along with having colors that DO photograph well, there are of course some that do NOT.

The main thing about the colors that are not recommended as you may notice are hot, neon colors. These are a bit harder to edit and the overall outcome is usually *off*. So please try to avoid highlighter type colors, and colors that tend to lean more to the cool side such as blues (not including blue jeans), and various purples. If you are unsure, please send me your outfits and we can further discuss!

no colors.jpf


Patterns are my FAVORITE. This is often a huge misconception with some photographers to avoid wearing patterns. But when it is done RIGHT it can make your images look beautiful! (try to avoid super small patterns such as gingham)

SO! I suggest you or your partner, just one, wear a pattern! This will help balance out your attire - see photos below for examples


Overall Attire

Depending on which package option you have booked with me, you will have the option for a couple of outfit changes! I always recommend something a little dressy (whatever that means for you since everyone is different) and something a little more casual!

When choosing your outfits, be mindful of what you are most concerned about! (this is the ugly truth but we all have something we are a little self conscious about! for me - it's my arms!) So for example, I will purposely choose outfits that do not make me feel self conscious about the way my arms look. For example, I would avoid tight sleeves and tank tops. I of course work with you on some poses and angles that will be flattering but keep in mind I do not alter bodies or appearances. So it truly is up to you to wear clothes that make you feel beautiful, compliment your skin tone/bring out your gorgeous eyes,  fits properly (not too tight or too baggy), and so on. If you are purchasing new clothes try them on well in advance to your photoshoot!


Accessories + Extras

Don't forget to wear your favorite accessories! From hats, necklaces, watches, and rings. This is an awesome and easy way to make your shoot unique to YOU!


Other things to bring:

Your pups! Some places don't allow animals so please let me know beforehand if you plan on bringing your dogs! 

Champagne to pop

extra shoes to walk in especially if you plan on wearing heels the majority of your shoot

water - your session is roughly an hour long, stay hydrated

makeup for touchups