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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Yay! I'm am so thrilled to finally be posting about this Springs Event Venue wedding with you all today! This was my first time shooting at The Springs Event Venue and y'all, I am so happy it was with this sweet couple, Suzie and Cameron.

I got to photograph Suzie and Cameron's engagement session back in September of 2019 at the Dallas Arboretum, and was so thrilled when they reached back out to me asking if I would photograph their wedding. It was an easy HELL YEAH.

Every detail of their wedding had me drooooooling.

From Suzie's dress to Cameron's shoes - every inch of this wedding was just stunning. Aside from color schemes and amazing floral decor by Coco Fleur Events, the bride and groom's wedding party was just that. A PARTY. Everyone was so thrilled to be celebrating the love of S & C. There was non stop laughter, dancing, and drinking... their ceremony was definitely an enjoyment! Especially during the bouquet toss when all the ladies turned into football players, and during the garter toss when all the fellas ran in the opposite direction. HA!

This was by far such an amazing day. The event planner and coordinator was none other than the ever so super hero Chelsey. So much thanks to her for keeping everyone organized and on top of schedule! Suzie's hair and makeup dream team was Tara and Krista who were also such positive energies while getting ready!

My personal favorite moments of the day were one, when Cameron first got to the venue, he walked in with a big smile on his face. I told him happy wedding day and he nodded and smiled and said "thank you!" This may not seem like much but the look in his eyes and his smile so big said it all. He was happy to finally be marrying the love of his life. Another favorite was (sorry Suzie, gotta mention it!) When Suzie dropped Cameron's ring during the vow exchange. It was a good laugh and a good reminder that weddings are meant to be enjoyed, and things happen! Because at the end of the day the most important thing is that these two got married.

So happy for these two and I'm so thankful I got to be included in such a memorable day!

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