Lucy Park Love Birds

Dea and Nick won one of my photo session giveaways and I am so thankful they decided to enter!

We ventured around Lucy park here in Wichita Falls, Tx and found some amazing photo spots! They brought these amazing fedora hats, and y'all, they look like they belong in a hat ad. Don't their photos make you want to buy one?! (yeah, because same.)

I love when my photo ideas turn into something 138403409x better than what I originally thought of or could have hoped! Their dandelion photo is a great example of that! I imagined the dandelion fuzzies flying around but instead Nick accidentally inhaled it (LOLOL) and them belly laughing was SO PERFECT! It made me love them so much more. They were so authentic in front of the camera and I'm so glad that it shows through these photos.

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