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Hey there! Feeling like you have a list of questions? Here are some FAQs I get that will hopefully answer some of those you might have! If you have any questions that are not listed down below please email me!

Q: What if we have an emergency and we need to reschedule?

A: Please just communicate with me and I will be so happy to reschedule a session with you at no extra cost at my next earliest available time! For weddings I also do not charge extra fees to reschedule, but please keep in mind I do have other bookings and if your rescheduled date is booked, I unfortunately will not be able to serve you and the retainer is still non-refundable.

Q: Do you photograph LGBTQ+ couples & weddings?

A: ABSO-freaking-LUTELY!! MKP does not discriminate against race, ability, sexual orientation, religion, etc. ALL are welcome here!


Q: Are you insured & Do you have backup equipment?

A: YES (Some venues need to know this!) and YES. I bring backup equipment to regular sessions and weddings JUST IN CASE!

Q: Do you give out RAW or unedited images?

A: Short and quick answer - no. (Long answer) - I take incredible pride in my work! This is very similar to making a recipe with missing key ingredients, a half finished painting, etc. (you get it!)  Unedited or RAW images are not whole representation of my work. I wholeheartedly know when this is asked a no offense is taken but this is just something I simply do not do!

Q: What do I/ we wear on our session?

A: For senior girls I have created a senior style guide that will help walk you through all the tips I recommend for your outfit choices. For couples and families I have well thought out Pinterest boards I can send to you! Best tip I can give you right now, don't MATCH... Coordinate!

Q: Will you help us with posing?

A: Of course! I will demonstrate all posing and movement for you! 

Q: Who chooses the location?

A: I would be happy to help you find a location that fits your style and vibes best! If you are booking with a location already in mind, then YAY!! Please just be mindful that some locations require an entrance fee and a photography fee, and those fees are not included in my overall pricing.

Q: Where are you located and do you travel?

A: I am based in White Settlement, Texas (West Fort Worth) and absolutely! Please keep in mind travel fees may apply!

Q: How many photos do I get? / How do I receive my photos? / How long does it take?

A: Regular 1 hour sessions typically get 50+ images. Mini sessions about 30+. And weddings vary depending on # of hours and all of the events taking place! I do my best to deliver 1 of everything! / I deliver all hand selected, high resolution images via Pixieset which is an online photo gallery system I use! / For regular sessions it may take me up to two weeks, and for weddings please expect 3 - 4 weeks depending on how busy the wedding season is.

Q: I'm ready to do this thing!! How do I secure my date?

A: For regular sessions I require a 40% non-refundable retainer the day of booking. The remaining balance will be due the day we meet for your session. For weddings I require a 40% retainer and a signed contract the day of booking to secure your date, and the remaining balance will be due 2 weeks before your wedding. 

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