Melissa Koss Photography's Wedding Planning Guide:
Bridals and Boudoir

Bridals are a fabulous way of capturing more of YOU in your dress. This also guarantees a little more extra time on the wedding day to focus on other things because we were able to dedicate a whole hour to you in your beautiful dress. Where as on the wedding day we may only have 20 minutes to capture bridal portraits.


(Also whoever said you only get to wear your dress once was mistaken!) This is also a great time to get use to wearing your dress, practice posing for the wedding day, and a perfect opportunity to have your trial run of hair and makeup. So you get to see how it all looks put together and on camera for your big day!


And boudoir is a fun and *sessy* gift to give your partner either the day before the wedding or the day of!



Step 1 : Choosing a date!


Bridals: Depending on if you wish to have your bridal portraits printed for your reception. (This is a very common thing in the south!) I recommend 2 months prior to your wedding date! If you don't plan on having images printed we could wait as far as 1 month prior to the wedding.

Boudoir: Also recommended 2 months prior to your wedding date. This gives me enough time to edit + deliver your images. If you are purchasing a book through me it will give us time to proof the Little Black Book and make sure it looks just how you want it to! Plus ordering it and waiting for it to arrive!


Step 2 : Choosing a location!


Bridals: When planning your bridals, often times your venue will allow us on a non-wedding day to come and use their property for bridal portraits. Just communicate with them and see what days during the week they prefer!

Boudoir: My preferred studio space for boudoir sessions is The Lumen Room. They have different locations around the metroplex but one of their Fort Worth locations and Dallas locations are my two favorites!

Step 3 : What to bring!


Bridals: For your bridal session, of course bring your dress, veil, ring, accessories you plan on wearing the day of the wedding, your shoes, makeup for touch ups, and a mock bouquet of flowers! This can also be a trial run of your wedding bouquet or something simple made by your florist.

Boudoir: Depending on how many hours of coverage you chose, 2 -3 outfits, veil, accessories, robe, shoes if you wish to wear any of your pieces with heels, etc., water - stay hydrated, makeup for touchups, and touchups for hair

I do provide stick on flower petals if needed, but I would try your articles of clothing on prior to your session to see if you need any other coverage such as sticky boobies, or boob tape.


Tips for boudoir:


When shopping for pieces for boudoir, please try to avoid neon or highlighter colors.

Colors that photograph best are black, white, and red.

If you decide to get a spray tan, make sure you get one a few days before your session and have had time for one or two rinses! This will allow for a more natural tan in your images.

Eat something light before your session! PLEASE don't come hungry to your session. You will not have the energy to be photographed for an hour, PLUS you'll feel miserable. I highly suggest eating something light before coming to your session so you have fuel and energy without feeling bloated.

If it is in your budget I highly suggest getting your hair and makeup done! If you are spending money on some smexy images I suggest going all out to feel your absolute best!

Important reminders -

Don't wear anything you wont be comfortable in

You don't HAVE to wear lingerie (you can also wear underwear + bra set, undies and oversized tshirt or button up, oversized jersey, robe, blanket, etc.)

Your boudoir images will not be shared on social media or to my website without permission.

Must be 18 years or older.

I will not modify or edit your body to look a certain way. (I only do touchups to things that are not permanent such as acne, bruises, scratches, etc.)

Where to shop for boudoir attire:


Adore Me


Adam and Eve


Victoria's Secret





After looking through this portion of the guide, and you did not originally add bridals or a boudoir session to your package but NOW you want to... (I know you dooooo *wink*) We can of course add this on now!

To add this on just email me and we will sort out the details and I will add it on to your contract.

Bridals for 1 hour - $450

Boudoir - $800

($1300 value)

  • includes 2 hours of shoot time and studio space

  • 8x8 Little black book

  • 2-3 outfit changes

Boudoir - $525

  • includes 1 hour of shoot time and studio space

  • 1-2 outfit changes